About Athens Korean Presbyterian Church

Athens Korean Presbyterian Church (AKPC) traces its roots to a Bible study group created by a few Korean Christian students at the University of Georgia in 1979. The group grew to become a full congregation within Northeast Georgia Presbytery in 1983.


Currently situated in the vibrant college town of Athens, Georgia, AKPC is called to welcome and serve everyone in the area, especially Korean immigrants, Korean students, short-term visitors from Korea, and Korean Americans. Through worship, prayers, and various group activities with God’s word at their core, our congregation strives to reflect the image of God, live a collective life changed by the grace of God, and be empowered by God’s grace and Spirit to serve others.


  • Nurtures Jesus' disciples who seek to serve and glorify God through lives marked by worship, prayer, and education.

  • Witnesses the Gospel of Christ through campus and local community ministry, such as University of Georgia and Korean American residents/visitors.

  • Builds and develops a community of believers that is committed to the implementation of love, encouragement, and tolerance through fellowship with other believers and small groups.

Our church’s VISION is to build a faithful community of believers that does the following.

  • Nurtures dedicated disciples of Christ through the hearing and study of his Word in Holy Scripture, prayer, and worship

  • Testifies to the Gospel of Christ through missionary ministries for local community and colleges

  • Establishes and extends the kingdom of God through small groups and a koinonia full of love, encouragement, and loving service

Services (All service is in Korean. English translators are available.)

  • Sunday

    • Service 1 (small and informal): 9 AM​

    • Service 2 (formal): 11 AM

    • Sunday School for Children: 11 AM

    • Sunday School for Youth: 11 AM

  • Weekdays​

    • Wednesday service: 7 PM​

    • Early morning service: 6 AM (Not offered on Sunday and Monday)