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About Athens Korean Presbyterian Church

Athens Korean Presbyterian Church (AKPC) is a part of Northeast Georgia Presbytery under Presbyterian Church USA (PC USA). Established in 1983, it is currently situated in the vibrant college town of Athens, Georgia. AKPC is called to welcome and serve everyone in the area, especially Korean immigrants, Korean students, short-term visitors from Korea, and Korean Americans. 


  • Nurtures Jesus' disciples who seek to serve and glorify God through lives marked by worship, prayer, and education.

  • Witnesses the Gospel of Christ through campus and local community ministry, such as University of Georgia and Korean American residents/visitors.

  • Builds and develops a community of believers that is committed to the implementation of love, encouragement, and tolerance through fellowship with other believers and small groups.

AKPC's VISION is to become a True Church that promotes and builds the following among and through us.

  • Community of Worship

  • Community of Fellowship

  • Community of Mission

Services (All service is in Korean. English translators are available.)

  • Sunday

    • Service 1: 9:30 AM​

    • Service 2: 11 AM

    • Sunday School for Children: 11 AM

    • Sunday School for Youth: 11 AM

  • Weekdays​

    • Wednesday service: 7 PM​

    • Early morning service: 6 AM (Not offered on Sunday and Monday)


1. First Sunday of each month: All generations service - Children and adults worship together at the 11 AM Service. Please note 9:30 AM service is not offered on that Sunday.

2. When it is a five-week month, the Senior Pastor preaches at Sunday Schools on the fifth Sunday

3. The service schedule, time, and format may change during holidays and observances (e.g., Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year).


4. Please contact us for more details or questions:

Senior Pastor: Rev. Sunjae Jung


Thank you for visiting our church homepage. With God’s word at the core, our congregation strives to reflect the image of God, live a life changed and

empowered by his grace to serve others, and be his witness in our everyday life and to the world.


Through this Holy process, our vision is to become a True Church that promotes the community of worship, fellowship, and mission. We warmly welcome everyone. I hope you visit us soon.

Grace and peace,


Rev. Sunjae Jung

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